Our primary mission as one of the first companies to define OSGB service area designated by law in Turkey under international standards and to be organized accordingly is to be determinant, pioneer and benchmarker of quality standards in this service field.

It's our second mission to produce quality standard service for each project uninterruptedly, completely and transparently across the whole country and to be role models for our competitors on this issue. It's our area of expertise for human health and occupational safety with more than 350 employees in over 50 projects in each region of the country.


It's our sole purpose to describe our project number with hundreds and employee number with thousands. Our vision is to continuously and consistently grow, become and remain leader in our industry.

Our medium-term goal is to carry our knowledge and experience beyond the country borders, to be a local and international actor by strengthening our technical infrastructure day by day and refining and developing our human resources every day.

Basic Values

We would like to work with people who are dedicated, continuously developing, believed in sanctity of profession and committed to the company. This is because we can only achieve our mission with such people and focus on our vision with the best ones.

Nothing is more important than human life. It's our reason for being to live healthily and keep alive, to save life, to focus on preventing diseases before they exist. This is what being a "health professional" and Hippocratic Oath requires.

We should make greater efforts than anybody as per our mission for a livable world that is a deposit from our children to us and will be left to them in future. In each project we carry out, first human health and employee safety and then a noble environmental awareness accompany us within the frame of the impact of our project on the environment.

We follow the world, we always support our business with technology. We never avoid technological investment for the success of our works. We encourage our business partners, customers for human health and employee safety to benefit from the advantages of the technology.

We are one of the pioneers in the industry. We are the pioneers and leaders in standardization of our services as per international criteria and institutionalization within the frame of laws. We care about this experience of many years and our most valuable customer commitment is our accumulation and experience.

It's our unchanging policy to be completely clear against our customers with which we desire to be business partners for long years. If human health and employee safety is in question, investment on the measures is always less than expenditure to be made to compensate the damages. We share this clearly.

Quality Policy

To find, replace and audit Occupational Physician, Other Health Personnel and Occupational Safety Specialist who are trained to provide high quality service for the entire of the companies that believes in outsourcing in Turkey.

• To make our personnel loyal, happy and open to continuous development with an understanding of team spirit by increasing the development and satisfaction of the employees

• To become a solution partner that creates competitive power and advantage for our customers with the understanding of customer satisfaction by developing in line with our targets

• To always be a reliable company by providing the services with expected quality and deadline

• It's our common policy as the company to constantly follow the conditions of Quality Management System by adopting continuous improvement within the frame of legal obligations.