Personnel Allocation

Many factories or workplaces have Workplace Health Unit. Occupational Physician and Health Personnel works in these units. Health Personnel assigned in these units both assists occupational physician and also deals with the medical problems when the occupational physician is off duty. However, qualification, education and follow-up of the personnel not related with health working in these organizations constitute a serious problem. Furthermore, when these people is not at the workplace due to illness or other reasons, their places are left empty for the most time or this position is tried to be filled with temporary personnel who lacks orientation at the workplace. This case causes trouble in the progress and risks in providing the service.

Wellpoint is a professional organization which provides procurement of the personnel, workplace orientation, training and follow-up in the workplaces. Wellpoint has back-up personnel for all of the workplaces to which it provides service and this personnel who knows the company is assigned in case of need.

  • Wellpoint both decreases the costs and notably increases the quality through this study. It freshens up the knowledge of the personnel through regular trainings and shares information with the company on protective health services through the analyses.
  • Thus, our business partner focuses on its core business and leaves a subject requiring specialization like health to a competent company.
  • Wellpoint undertakes all responsibilities regarding its staff and all liabilities like remuneration, leave, seniority and notice pay and therefore all processes regarding the employees are handed over.
  • Besides, the companies will produce reports on emergency management plans, workplace risk analysis and cover a significant distance in terms of employee health-occupational safety.
  • Primary problem faced in the companies meeting the personnel need of Workplace Health Unit in itself is that health personnel loses his/her medical skills in time and more importantly puts aside their self-development activities. As the core business of this company is not health, unfortunately competencies of this personnel worsen gradually.
  • As Wellpoint, we keep it obligatory for the personnel we replace to participate in our annual training modules and monitor the development of this person through annual competency tests. Through training needs analysis, we provide all trainings in-house or from external services for our personnel according to his/her needs to ensure that he/she reaches sufficient competency level.
  • Wellpoint performs all personnel processes of the health staff on its own and shares this with solution partners clearly. Back-up personnel support is provided in substitution of the personnel who is off duty due to illness, leave or similar cases.
  • All reports regarding the presentation of health service are reviewed and shared with the solution partners with the analyses.
  • We provide support to our solution partner regarding vaccination, certified first-aid and emergency trainings.