• Dr. Özgür Turgay Dr. Özgür Turgay

    He was born in Gaziantep in 1974. He graduated from İstanbul University – Faculty of Medicine in 1997, then completed Bahçeşehir University - MBA Program. He is one of the doyens of emergency health services sector. He started his work life at Medline in 1996 as a medical student. He has worked as an ambulance doctor, emergency services coordinator, then promoted to deputy general manager responsible from sales and information technologies, respectively. In 2008, he took part as CEO and executive board member during the foundation of Acıbadem Mobile Company. Till the year 2014, he served as an executive board member in Acıbadem Health Group. He was selected for Fortune Magazine’s “Most Successful and Inspiring 40 CEOs under 40” list in the years 2011, 2012 and 2013, three years in a row. As of the year 2014, he has headed to the investments in the matters of information technologies and modern health management systems as the “angel investor”. He leads as CEO of Wellpoint Group of Companies consisted of Platform OSGB, Akademi Emergency Case Institutional Training Centre, Unicall Personal Healthcare Management Systems, HomeCare Medical Services and Curative Digital Marketing Agency. Married, two children, aged 8 and 10. Speaks English and German.

  • Mustafa Demirci Mustafa Demirci

    He was born in 1977. He graduated from Marmara University – Anaesthesia Department in 1998; and Anadolu University – Department of Business in 2006. He took his MS degree in the field of Occupational Health and Safety from Yeni Yüzyıl University in 2012. He began his business life as an ambulance health technician and anaesthetist at Medline in 1998. Later, until 2007 he served as a manager responsible for health technicians, Ankara Region Operation Manager, hospitals and contractual institutions and Turkey operation inspection manager, respectively. He has the certificates of First Aid Trainer, National Medical Disaster Management and 6 Sigma Process Analyse; in addition, he took the trainings of ISO 9001, Efficient Time Management, Efficiency in Sale, Teammateship, Methods for Profit Increasing, Sale Coaching and Negotiation Skills. Married, one child and speaks English.

  • Dr. İlker Abalı Dr. İlker Abalı

    He was born in Mersin in 1975. He completed elementary, second and high school education in İzmir/Karşıyaka. In 2001, he graduated from Istanbul University – Faculty of Medicine. Between the years 1998-2008, he served as an alarm centre operator, alarm centre doctor and alarm centre manager respectively; promoted to operations manager. Between the years 2008-10, he worked as operations manager at Acıbadem Mobile. As of 2010, he has been working as both deputy general manager responsible for health services at Wellpoint Group and director of medical content production team in Curative. Married, two children speaks English.

  • Mustafa Torun Mustafa Torun

    He was born in Istanbul in 1968. He graduated from Istanbul University – Faculty of Business. He started his business life at Koçak Medicine in 1989, later he worked in Dünya Gazette. He worked in the launching of Ferrera – first instant coffee brand of Turkey – and its placement as a brand; took charge in constituting dealer organization and organizational structure. In 1998, he started to work as Fiscal Actions Manager at Medline. He took both financial and administrative active responsibility during the corporate merger realized with Esas Holding in 2001. His position continued until the end of 2008. As of 2009, he started working at Acıbadem Mobil and worked there until 2014. He has been working as Fiscal Works Manager in Wellpoint Group of Companies. Married, one child, speaks English.