Wellpoint Academy Individual and Corporate Work Safety Trainings

WP Academy

Work safety, employee’s health and disaster/crisis management corporate trainings academy.

AKADEMİ Emergency Training Centre was founded in 2007. In 2011 it joined the Wellpoint Group. Wellpoint Akademi is one of the first training companies in the sector to have its experience certified. It holds an ISO 9001-2000 certificate from BSI (the UK) and a TÜV – SÜD Training Accreditation from Germany.

The Academy dispenses training on Basic Work Health and Safety, First Aid, Firefighting, Working At Height as well as industry-specific expertise trainings and provides counselling on these matters in strict compliance with the rules of the trade and ethical values at international standards in both Turkish and English.

Trainings can be organized by the clients themselves in their own premises; or conference halls of hotels all over Turkey can be used for that purpose. Trainings can also take place at the Güneşli Head Office of Wellpoint Akademi or at its Asian Side Training Centre in Kozyatağı.

The first company to be able to dispense all of the trainings on readiness for emergency situations, Akademi’s primary mission is to contribute to the minimization of personal injuries and physical damage in the event of emergency situations by providing training and counselling services. The medium-term goal of the Akademi is to export its experience and knowledge in this field.