Curative Digital Health Content Management


An experienced medical communication agency whose core business is to develop medical content and to set up health portals providing information for medical doctors, patients and patient relatives.

Curative’s main field of activity concerns promotion campaigns, social media management, content development, web sites, portals and corporate blogs and mobile applications in the digital world. Curative has achieved countless successful projects in a number of treatment fields from name/branding for generic pharmaceutics to materials for medical doctors, from iPad applications for medical promotion representatives to product launch meetings, from consciousness raising roadshows for the public on health to one-to-one patient support programs.

List of the main categories of the company’s services:

  • Development of health content (content marketing and inbound marketing)
  • Original digital marketing projects (portal, landing page, micro websites, all kinds of graphic interfaces)
  • Desktop and mobile, IOS/Android applications,
  • Video production, “motion graphics”, desktop film solutions
  • Customized software, interactive applications, personalization
  • Concept event design and applications (such as product launch)
  • Conventional advertising, branding and design services

Curative is Wellpoint Group’s medical communication agency whose investments are exclusively focused on human health and safety. It is Curative that is in charge of branding the new investments and new products of the Group and contributing to their marketing.