HomeCare and Nursing Care Services


A fully-equipped health care service company that renders on-site health services with an expert professional staff.

In our days, health services find it difficult to meet the requirements of patients and prefer post-operation treatments take place outside hospitals to the extent possible. HomeCare was founded to meet that kind of requirements and offers full on-site service to patients in their homes or wherever they are with its comprehensive infrastructure. Its expert personnel visit the patient regularly on a daily basis and provide them with training on the administration of medicines as required so that the patient adapts himself easily to his treatment and the treatment is more likely to be successful.

Thanks to its staff that includes nearly 100 experts (medical doctors, dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapists) and 60 nurses, HomeCare is able to provide preventive and curative services in the environment where the patient lives. For patients suffering from chronic diseases or that must receive a treatment for a specific period of time, it assists patients in their adaptation to the treatment in accordance with the principles of rational use of medicines through digital projects with content customized/personalized for patients and doctors alike.

The 7/24 Emergency Health Line provides support to patients and experts alike. It also carries out Remote Patient Monitoring Services, including medicine and medical report reminding service. The same call centre renders medical counselling and emergency situation support services to corporate entities.

In addition, HomeCare organizes patient support programs, mobile health projects, in-the-field disease screenings, social consciousness raising campaigns and awareness roadshows in collaboration with medical expertise associations and companies from the pharmaceutics industry.