Analyses / Disaster Management

The most critical part of the occupational health and occupational safety is workplace risk analyses. Risks possessed by the company and the ways to eliminate these are only determined by the risk analyses conducted by correct and expert hands. Well Point performs comprehensive workplace risk analyses through its expert employee health and occupational safety consultants and can produce turn-key projects to eliminate the risks if requested.

Needs like employee health and occupational safety trainings, material support, medical risks and screening are met through services provided with high quality from single point. Competence of the company is increased with drills and follow-up and support, if necessary, of the managers of human resources are ensured with detailed reports. Well Point presents a world where risks are easily understood through these analyses.

Disaster Management

Our country is unfortunately located in the disaster area. It's very important for the companies to be ready for the disaster when a disaster occurs. Maintaining the sustainability of the works after the disaster can only be possible through crisis plans for which drills were exercised correctly and regularly. It's a critical point that our most valuable capital, human resource survives from a potential disaster with minimum damage. In this sense, Well Point prepares you against the disasters with its expert employees and consultants and produces plans to ensure you survive with the minimum damage.