Screening and Preventive Services

Affiliate of Wellpoint Health, Safety and Environment Services Group, WP Screening emerged from Platform, that is the leader corporate OSGB company of Turkey, and it's consisted of a team who achieved important successes in "productivity at work". Türkiye’nin lider kurumsal OSGB firması Platform’un Tarama Ekibi, “işte verimlilik” alanında önemli başarılara imza atmış bir ekiptir.

Primary purpose of this company which is specialized in determined risks and potential occupational diseases in particularly industrial enterprises is Preventive Services.

Beginning from the employment medical examinations, it carefully keeps the health records of each employee and issues reports regarding the diseases and out of health conditions for this workplace with regular statistics. It offers health packages to the management to prevent labor and productivity losses likely to arise from diseases.

Mobile Health Screening services on-site in different workplaces, factories or work-sites of the company. Besides, it providesInfirmary or Health Centers installations, personnel employment, furnishing and required-obligatory-sufficient medical materials within the frame of legal obligation for the companies and ensures that these units work completely and uninterruptedly.

Trust an expert "company" with the health of your employees in your workplace to ensure that your business is healthily conducted and take precautions without experiencing productivity loss.