WP Academy

Affiliate of Wellpoint Health, Safety and Environment Services Group,
WP Academy emerged from Platform OSGB that is the first leader corporate occupational safety and employee health professional company in Turkey upon the requests of our corporate customers.

Today, modern companies consider employee health and occupational safety beyond legal obligation and encourage both corporate and individual trainings to make contribution to the lives of the employees.

Along with the experiences of years, particularly packages like Fire and Earthquake Trainings and First-aid Trainings became the indispensable achievements for the individuals with the support of the companies.

Basic Occupational Safety Training, Emergency Case Training and Crisis Management Training packages draw attention of both the companies for which we conduct OSGB projects and companies in search for the satisfaction of their needs.

We either organize trainings for the companies on-site or in hotel conference halls throughout Turkey. Furthermore, all of our services can be provided in Wellpoint Academy Güneşli Center or Wellpoint Anatolian Side Training Center Kozyatağı.

Training is a must for the safety of your workplace and health of your employees. Trust a deep-rooted "company" with trainings instead of "people", do not face productivity loss in your works.